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LGBT bullying violence suicdes

You need 5 entries written in MLA format. Each one of those entries needs a quote, statistic, or interesting fact. See this handout for an example. I also made a video for you in case you didn’t see it in my lesson plans. Be sure to submit your annotated bibliography in alphabetical order. You will lost points for not following MLA format. You can go to Purdue Owl for help with MLA. Don’t forget to select the appropriate tab on the left-hand side for the type of text you are trying to cite. Also, your facts, statistics, and quotes need to be relevant to your paper AND they need to be note-worthy. If you just pick a random fact, statistic, or quote, and I cannot see the relevance or value it could add to your paper, then you will not get credit. So, you really need to think about what you select for that section. please follow all instructions