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Letter to mayor of NYC, Mental Health of homeless

Identify a health-related problem in your community and write a letter to your local elected official identifying the problem and suggesting an idea or policy that could help alleviate the issue. Follow the information below for guidelines. Please use it as a guide to draft your professional letter.   – Your letter must be professionally (scholarly) written. – 1-2 pages (excluding reference page) only – Identify the health-related problem in your community by providing a summary of the concern. You will need appropriate references indicating why this is a problem. – Application to clinical practice (How does this identified problem affect/apply to clinical practice?) You should utilize a reference here as well. – Identify solutions or one health policy to alleviate this problem, reference needed. This part is the section identified as implications for the health policy. – You should have at least 3 references. – The clarity, logic, references, and APA sections outlined on the rubric are all applicable to this assignment.