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Lessons from a Self-Care Strategy

This essay is a multi-source essay. For Essay #3, you’re going to choose one self-care strategy, research it, and try it for at least a week. Then, you’ll write an essay on the research and your experiences. Using cited ideas from reliable sources and your own experience, write a thesis-driven essay that responds to both of the following questions: What is one self-care strategy, how can people practice it, and what are the benefits of it? What lessons did you learn from practicing this self-care strategy?  *In the introduction, make sure to describe how you practiced the self-care strategy you chose. You must use cited ideas from 3-6 reliable sources.  At least 1 of your sources must be from one of the library databases. Note that you may use more than one source from the library databases. All of your sources can even be from the library databases if you’d like. You may use reliable sources from Google. As always, you should use cited evidence from source(s) in every body paragraph. You will also need to use personal experience in the lessons paragraphs (though you won’t cite your personal experience, of course). Your essay should be formatted according to MLA format (Links to an external site.). Read the reminders below and check out the Sample MLA Formatted Essay (Links to an external site.) and other links for more details. A review of MLA document format (Links to an external site.): 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, Double-spaced (with no extra spaces between paragraphs), A block header (your name, instructor name, class, date), and A running header (your last name and the page number).