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Legal Concepts of Business

The Scenario: You just joined Bryant Widgets Corporation as the Vice President of Human Resources. Your duties include ensuring the safety of your employees in the widget factory. You learn about an injury that occurred during work hours in the factory.  Jack Employee: Jack Employee has worked for the company for two years. Jack, using a ladder, fell while attempting to retrieve a carton placed high on a shelf. Three other employees witnessed the fall. One employee reported that he smelled alcohol on Jack’s breathe when he ran to Jack’s aid after the fall.  Questions Presented to You:  Please describe the following employer obligations: 1. What obligations does Bryant Widgets Corporation have regarding this fall with respect to a federal agency? Name the agency and briefly describe the obligations facing the company with respect to this agency. 2. Generally, can Jack sue the company to recover for his injury? If not, please describe the system in place for workers injured on the job and tell me if Jack can recover under that program.