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LAB assignment

Hope all is well.  If you have been keeping up, you should have learned about Acid/Base reactions from chapter 4.  In chapter 4, one of the reactions that you should have learned about was acid and base reactions, one of the most important types of reactions. The experiment below involves investigating acids and bases.  The experiment(link) that I have included with this message explains how to do a safe and easy experimental project at home that can be quite useful.  You will only need to buy a head of red cabbage to complete this experiment.  Once you watch the video, you will understand better. You will do this experiment according to the guidelines I provide below and then take a picture of it and submit it to me.  In order for verification, you will write your name on a piece of paper and sign it, and include it in the picture of the experiment.  1) Everyone does their own experiment.  You don’t have to use a food mixer, you can BOIL the cabbage, like 3-4 leaves of it, and it will release the dye. 2) Once you separate out the “purple dye” from the cabbage, it will become your acid/base indicator.  You will test it on 6 different household substances.  It can be a household cleaner like Clorox, or a beverage like lemonade, or even mouthwash.  The solution that you decide to test with the cabbage dye IS UP TO YOU, but there must be 6 different ones, and they need to be labeled in the picture. 3) I already mentioned this, but again, the picture of the experiment you are going to send me must include: a)your name/signature on paper b) a picture of the 6 household solutions that are labeled with the name of the solution.