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Key Concept Summary Project

2500 words, rtf or docx, 1.5 spacing 1″ margins,12pt New Roman Times, Chicago manual style , author date format.  Part A: Select key concept from a required reading in part 1 of syllabus. Explain key concept in your own words and show how the author uses the concept in their wider argument, using specific references to text. Part B: apply concept to real world example or examples. Cover just one example but use at least 3 sources. Part C: relate key concept to other concepts and case studies in part 2 of syllabus, using specific references to text. Key concept(s) for world economic geography: Fordism to neoliberalism: rise and fall of organized labor, accumulation regime, vertical integration, agglomeration, suburbanization. *Scott, A.J., & Storper, M. (Eds.). (1992). Pathways to Industrialization and Regional Development (1st ed.). Routledge. *Jessop, Bob. (1992). Fordism and post- Fordism: A critical reformulation. Fordism and Post Fordism: A Critical Reformation. 46-69. For real world examples: labor unions… New York Times: Union loss may bring new phase of campaign against Amazon. 04/09/21 Noam Scheiber.  the guardian: The best way for Democrats to weaken the far right? Build up the labor movement. Brendan O’Connor Economic Policy Institute. Working Economics blog: Weaken labor movement leads to rising economic inequality. 01/27/20  Heidi Shierholz. I have uploaded several readings from the class syllabus that I believe corresponds to the assignment, use at your discretion. The * is an outside source.