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Journal of Marketing Research

a two-page report about an empirical research article from one of the two most recent issues of the following top three marketing journals listed here: Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, or Journal of Consumer Research. The article you select must involve an empirical investigation (including a data collection effort using experiments, surveys or other methods).    Your report of the article should be structured using the following headings: (a) the research question (b) topic/subject matter (c) contribution of the work to research in marketing and to marketing practice over prior work that has been conducted (and referred to in the article) (d) the methods used (e) key findings (f) bibliography Formatting:  12-pt font 1.5-line spacing First and Last Name PDF file with your full name in the title DO NOT do any of the following, otherwise your report will be sent back, and you must re-do it: Conduct your own research. This assignment is a research report on an already published article Increase font sizes and spacing to reach two pages Assume half a page counts as a full page. A “two-page research report” includes two full pages you can use Google to search the journals’ websites.