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Is the Evolution of Virulence influenced by the Host or Pathogenic Phylogeny?

I need help with rewriting and completing my dissertation project for my research area, STEEEM (Skills Training in Ecology, Evolution, and Evolutionary Medicine). It is about how virulence evolves after a host shift and to see if the evolutionary history of the pathogen has the most influence on the pathogen’s virulence or if the evolutionary history of the host has the most influence on the pathogen’s virulence.I carry out this research by comparing the phylogenetic signal of proxy traits of virulence between different papers of host phylogeny and pathogenic phylogeny and research to see if they are significantly different. I would like my dissertation to follow the same format shown in the PDF document ‘Dissertation format and submission 2021′. I would also like to include sections like what kind of Future Research can be conducted from my research project and the Limitations of my Project. Additionally, I would like for you to enhance my dissertation from the feedback provided by my supervisor (will be in Uploaded files) and help me analyse and evaluate my results and research articles relevant to my research in order to reach  a reliable discussion and conclusion. Any additional requests I have would be discussed over chat.