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Introductory Letter

Please submit your introductory letter. Remember to focus your letter on whether or not you are applying to graduate school, or a professional organization. I encourage you to review your posts on your post-graduate goals because you may wish to copy and paste sections of that posting to your introductory letter. Also, make sure you comment on and briefly describe the papers in your portfolio, and why you have chosen these specific examples of your written work.  If you organize your papers in a particular manner (such as including your creative work first if you are applying to an MFA program), briefly explain why. Review the sample Portfolio for ideas on how to organise your letter based on what is in your portfolio, and whether or not you are using this for an academic application, or corporate position. POST GRADUATION GOALS: I always wanted to pursue a degree in Criminal  Justice. I am currently serving on active duty in the Army and my choices were very minimal with a time frame. Honestly speaking I never wanted to be an English Major but my decision boiled down to a History or English major. After talking to my senior leader everything changed. He inspired me in ways I could have never imagined. My senior got me to love writing, etymology, literature and everything about the English language. He knows my first language is not English and he wanted me to be a better student and Soldier in all of my classes and that helped me see the value of education. That’s when I decided I wanted to inspire other Soldiers just as he did for me.  After reviewing and discussing the importance of effective communication I have come to an understanding that my success as a Military Leader depends on my ability to think critically and creatively and to be able to communicate my intentions in decisions to others and I am glad I decided to take this path.  Originally, I plan to focus solely on my career as an officer. I also have a passion for fitness and I have been working on a few products for distribution. In all honesty I do not intend to take my English degree any further. On a positive note, the best part about this degree is that there is always something new to learn and I can use it in my career as an Officer to be a better writer and a better leader because the truth of the matter is that words do mean things.  My major goal is to continue serving and be an exemplary military leader so that I can be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in written form. One of the primary qualities of leadership in the military is the ability to communicate clearly to get our intent and ideas across so others understand the message and be able to act on it. My next major goal is to continue working on my fitness business and grow my company. Being in the military has not been easy while trying to build my company and I say this to say that it has been challenging balancing both, but slowly and surely I will get there. PAPERS FOR PORTFOLIO ***Researching Anselm of Canterbury  -How does this theologian use quotes from the Bible? -What imagery or analogies does this theologian use to explain who Jesus is and what Jesus does? -Describe a particular theme related to theology. ***Leadership Philosophy  -Discuss individual leadership philosophy/style -Principles or Norms important to a leader  -Key aspects or traits to individual leadership philosophy  ***British literature  “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is a Gothic and philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde. The picture of Dorian Gray is not a Christian story. This story seems to avoid the notion of a traditional Christian God completely, in favor of a story that demonstrates the personal reflection of an individuals soul. -Is there any sense of Good evil? Or Right and Wrong? -can any of those be compared against Christian philosophy ***”The Author to Her Book” was a book written in a poem form by a Puritan Poet Anne Bradstreet after she emigrated from England to America. Issues/Themes: -Literature and her Writing -Family -Women and Femininity -Poverty (