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Interdisciplinary Research Paper: What is causing the rise of populism

Your objective is to develop your skills in writing across disciplines by applying Repko and Szostak’s (2016) 10-step interdisciplinary research method to a discussion or argument on a real-world issue. Imagine this paper as something you might show a potential employer to demonstrate your cross-disciplinary critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 10-Step Interdisciplinary (ID) Research Process: Your term paper should make it clear that the answer(s) to your research question resulted from you having implemented this 10-step ID research process. 1. Define the problem or state the focus question 2. Justify using an interdisciplinary approach 3. Identify relevant disciplines 4. Conduct a literature search 5. Develop adequacy in each relevant discipline 6. Analyze the problem and evaluate each insight into it 7. Identify conflicts between insights and their sources 8. Create or discover common ground 9. Integrate insights through comprehensive understanding 10. Communicate and test it  Guidelines: This paper must be at least 8 double-spaced typed pages of report proper (i.e., page count does not include cover page, tables, figures, references section, etc.), and must utilize at least 5 reputable sources from across the disciplines. Here are some specific guidelines related to sources: • Sources should not largely represent a singular discipline and should, instead be divided equitably/appropriately to reflect the relative importance of each discipline’s insights. • Nearly all of your sources should come from peer-reviewed, empirical research publications. Reputable disciplinary insights can be found in other sorts of publications, but non-peer reviewed sources should be evaluated skeptically. • Try to find discipline-specific sources: who are the major contributors to this field of knowledge? • You may cite from the course readings as well. Think of your audience as a person who is interested in your topic but unaware of the many interdisciplinary lenses that could be used to approach the topic. The paper may be argumentative or informative.