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Interdisciplinary Discharge Rounds Simulation Reflection

®     Create a free account: ®     Once you log in, find “Module 4 Student Version – Discharge Planning During Team Rounds: Structured Interprofessional Bedside Rounds” ®     Complete each step of the learning module (pre-work, reference documents, pre-simulation survey, simulation (video vignette), post-simulation survey). ®     Reflect on your learning using the rubric below. Provide citations and references as you go and include a reference list at the end of the assignment in APA format. Introduction Identify one part of the nursing process (assessment, analysis, diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation) that you think have a significant impact on patient experience, well-being or safety (positively or adversely).  Describe any assessment or data point the nurse presents during simulation and how it impacted the patient’s experience, well-being or safety** Reflection Discuss a communication experience you have participated in or observed during clinical and reflect on how that might look differently after completing the simulation experience. Technical Requirements 2 typed pages in APA style and format. APA cover page headings, reference list (0-10 points) **To protect the fidelity of the simulation, as well as the patient/clinical scenario you describe, confidentiality is essential. Please do not use information protected by HIPPA to describe the simulated patient or patient specific information in your clinical example (general information is expected as you describe the scenario).