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interactive learning skills and communication

You are going to research, plan and write up a project in an essay format of 1500 words (+/-10%) based on a topic from the discipline that you are planning to study at University. The aim of this research project is to find and read academic books and journal articles focussing on a specific topic or research question and then write an essay that combines your own ideas and views with information, data and arguments that you have discovered in your background reading. This coursework has a weighting of 60% towards the final grade. Students are required to achieve an overall grade of 50% in order to pass this module.   You should choose a working title from the list provided by your lecturer, do some background reading, prepare a plan and then start to work on your first draft. Your tutor will guide you through each of the stages of preparing the essay. The essay can analyse a significant problem that exists within your discipline area, identify the causes of the problem, propose solutions to the problem and evaluate the effectiveness of solutions that have already been applied to rectify the problem. You will be assessed on: ·       Task response & criticality  ·       Structure & organisation  ·       Use of sources ·       Language & coherence