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In Our Voice Project

Students who choose this project will spend the quarter following one identity group, where they  will hear the voices of people racially/ethnically/or some other social identity which is  different  from themselves .  You should spend some time each week with the identity group and keep a 1-page journal (for  each resource) answering the following: a.   Share about the websites/blogs/Facebook pages/podcasts/etc. that you explored  this week. What is it? How did you find it? Why did you choose this resource?  Etc.  You should explore  at least  (you can explore more)  two  different resources  per week . b.    Reflect on the identity using circle, square, triangle summary of what you  learned. c.   Share any additional notes (if any) you took. You may also opt to add a source that’s written by someone from your own group, but this will  be supplemental