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How will automation impact jobs for human in the future

Go find a recent news article (2020-2021) from major news companies and business magazines (such as LA Times, NY Times, TIME magazine, Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, Fast Company, Wired, etc.) which talks about how automation will impact jobs for humans in the future.  In a word document, write a minimum 200-word summary of the article and add another minimum of 200 words of your own thoughts about the article contents. Your document should have the following format: Title & the source of the news article (with the web address) Part 1 – Summary of article (Minimum 200 words) Part 2 – Your thoughts about the content (Minimum 200 words) Word document, single-spaced, 12 font, normal margins, minimum 400 words total You must use your own words. No Plagiarism.