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How does the COVID-19 Pandemic shift the state of global health now and/o into the future?

Students will write an 8-page paper describing one key way that they see global health changing amidst the pandemic and provide evidence to support their claims. The information contained herein is intentionally kept to a minimum, as you have freedom to take this a number of directions. Explore the question above as you see fit. The writing contained in this piece should comply with formal writing style (e.g. no conjunctions or colloquialisms). Your reflection should be 8-pages, double-spaced, 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman) with 1-inch margins. Include your name and student ID in the header, and a title at the top of the page. A creative title is encouraged. References should be used where appropriate, up to a maximum of 15 references in the paper. A minimum of 10 references should be included. References should be written according to APA referencing.