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How and in what ways have Native Americans been stereotyped, and why are such misre

Your post, which is essentially a short essay, should include an introduction (Links to an external site.) that introduces the topic and ends with a clearly worded, 1-2 sentence thesis statement. (Links to an external site.) Each supporting paragraph (there should be at least 3) should begin with a strong topic sentence (Links to an external site.) and should incorporate evidence, including direct quotations from assigned sources. Direct quotations should be incorporated using the quotation sandwich method (Links to an external site.) and proper MLA in-text citations (Links to an external site.). The essay should also contain a strong conclusion (Links to an external site.). Again, your post should be 500-700 words in length. : “A Conversation With Native Americans on Race,” “Indigenous in Plain Sight,” “Do All Native Americans Think the Same?,” and The Washington Post article “Five Myths about American Indians” address the way in which misconceptions about Native Americans have been perpetuated by mainstream historiography and popular culture.