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History Essay

Carefully read this text and Use this text and this alone to base all evidence and citations. The goal is to analyze the text and Answer the questions but make it into a a good essay, with a introduction, middle and conclusion.  What’s the historical context under which the author composed the document/gave the speech? Think about the purpose of the source. What was the author’s message or argument? What was he/she trying to get across? Is the message explicit, or are there implicit messages as well? How does the author try to get the message across? What methods does he/she use? What do you know about the author? Race, sex, class, occupation, religion, age, region, political beliefs? Does any of this matter? How? Who constituted the intended audience? Was this source meant for one person’s eyes, or for the public? How does that affect the source? What can a careful reading of the text tell you? How does the language work? What are the important metaphors or symbols? What can the author’s choice of words tell you? What about the silences — what does the author choose NOT to talk about? paper should meet the following requirements:   1) A creative, exciting title 2) An introduction that summarizes the key messages of document 3)  Several paragraphs, each one should begin with a topic sentence (a sentence that captures the main argument of the paragraph). 4) A reflection part-would you agree or disagree the main arguments made by the author? Or you can write about how the source might enhance your understanding of the particular period of the U.S. history. You can even use history to comment upon the contemporary politics.  5) A clear conclusion that agrees with your introduction and reiterates your thesis statement. 6) The essay should be 2-3 page long; 12-point font Times-New Roman; double-spaced with one-inch margins—no other lengths of formats will be accepted. DO NOT use outside sources because I prefer your own original thoughts.