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History assignment

Respond to two of the prompts below in a new thread.  1.      Creative history: Take up a social cause and establish a rights revolution! Write a manifesto to outline your group’s cause and program of reform. Use movements from the 1960s as your inspiration, but don’t feel trapped by the 1960s. While you may use historic causes, you are also encouraged to develop your own cause for the contemporary era. 2.      In what ways did the American media feed into the zeitgeist of the 1960s? How did journalists and headlines fuel popular protest? Was the media fair in its coverage of Civil Rights activism? Did it exacerbate and glorify the violence in Watts, in Vietnam, and in Chicago? How did the ability to watch war, assassination, and cult murder on television affect the social fabric of the United States? 3.      How does Marine Corporal George Garcia describe his experiences in Vietnam? Does his description match what we might have expected? How do his experiences seem to compare to the previous generation’s experiences in WWII? How have his personal experiences growing up in the U.S. shaped his views about Vietnam? Resources: Please use resources below to answer questions. Textbook Reading – American Yawp, Chapter 27 – The Sixties Students for a Democratic Society, Port Huron Statement, 1962 Opens in new window, URL: National Organization for Women, “Statement of Purpose,” 1966 Opens in new window, URL: