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historical meeting between Hernan Cortes and Aztec Emperor Moctezuma.

Your first writing assignment is divided into two parts. First, you will analyze and interpret several paintings depicting Hernan Cortes and the Aztecs. To  view these paintings, go to our Canvas site under the module “Writing  Assignments” section, click on the PowerPoint file “Hist 108 Writing  Assignment #1 Cortes and Aztecs.” Second, you will read the attached article “Meet the New Conquistadors: Silicon Valley Moguls” by James  Pinkerton. Then you will answer the following questions from the paintings  (Questions 1 and 2) and the article (Questions 3 and 4) with insight and clarity. Type your responses with your name and date in the upper hand  corner along with a simple center heading “Writing Assignment #1.” Then write down the number of the question followed by your response. Single or double-spaced is up to you. Each question should be answered within one three solid well-developed paragraphs