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High School Math Questions Online

I need help completing online math problems. I just need someone to answer the questions by entering the answers. No work needs to be shown except for on a few problems on the exams (the work needs to be typed in rather than handwritten for those questions). The scores on the assignments only have to be above 75% to move on to the next assignment, so I don’t care about the grades as long as they are above 75%. I just need a 75% to pass the classes. To see the assignments, go into my school account, click Learn, and the course I need to get completed is “Fenton Geometry B” … please take a look and let know a price. Here is how to access the class: Log in here and click “Learn” in the top right corner. Then click “Fenton Geometry B” and you’ll see the assignments there. Link: Username: GU_bhorde Password: bhorde12