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healthy vs sporting bodies- AUSTRALIAN TONE AND CITATIONS

PLEASE SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FULL INSTRUCTIONS –  this essay needs to use Australian sources – I have provided everything you need to write a good essay in this document. Please thoroughly check grammar and make sure sentences are coherent with every paragraph having a topic sentence. I would appreciate someone who is a native English writer and speaker, please. Sport for All: ‘Healthy’ and sporting bodies Critically examine the relationship between notions of ‘healthy’ and sporting bodies. How can physical health and body capability be viewed in different contexts? Can sport and HPE environments be places where narrow ideals of body norms and ‘fitness’ are reproduced? What opportunities may lie within moving beyond traditional notions of what sporting bodies should look like? Use the multimedia stimuli and reading to support your response, in conjunction to your own selection of academic literature. Include:   1)    You are required to include at least 6 other academic references (journal article, book, book chapter, government report) of your choosing to support your response, beyond the required reading for your chosen topic. Using sport, health and physical education (HPE) in an Australian context as your main lens – THERE IS PAGES OF REFERENCES TO USE AT THE END OF THIS DOCUMENT. Required reading: (must use this source) REFER TO THIS SOURCE MINIMUM 3 TIMES IN THE ESSAY Yager, Z., Gray, T., Curry, C., & McLean, S. A. (2020). Pre-service teachers’ gendered attitudes towards role modelling in health and physical education. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 25(1), 67-78. USE THIS SOURCE AT LEAST ONCE Beltrán-Carrillo, V. J., Devís-Devís, J., & Peiró-Velert, C. (2018). The influence of body discourses on adolescents’ (non)participation in physical activity. Sport, Education and Society, 23(3), 257–269.