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Healthcare Risk and Compliance Manager

You have been hired as Healthcare Risk and Compliance Manager for a large healthcare facility and your duty is to ensure that the facility stays in compliance with the risk management rules and regulations of the accrediting bodies, like TJC (The Joint Commission) and the federal and state government agencies. Follow the chapters in the textbook and write a 35-40 pages double-spaced document in APA format excluding the cover and reference pages that describes various aspects of your new position.   The semester project is divided into two parts: mid-term project and final semester project. The mid-term project paper covers chapters 1-7 of the textbook and the final semester project all chapter 1- 17. For the final project you would include the mid-semester project contents and submit the final document as one document without segregation of the two. Final semester project – mid-semester project plus Chapters 8-17 8. How is healthcare quality integrated into healthcare risk management? 9.  What is Medical Malpractice and how is this addressed in the legal framework? 10. Describe the Clinical Practice Guidelines and their impact on healthcare quality. 11. Discuss Risk Management in any one of the Hospital department of your choice.  12. How infections can be controlled in healthcare settings? 13. What is Right of Treatment and Right to Refuse treatment and what are its various forms? 14. Define the term Telemedicine and describe its types and place in the present-day healthcare delivery. 15. What are high risk areas in Ambulatory healthcare settings? 16. Define the Long-term Care and describe the liability risks associated with aging. 17. Explain the reason for growth in Office-Based Surgeries and describe associated risks with it. NOTE: The final project should be 40-50 double spaced pages formatted in APA style and should have  cover and reference pages with contents of chapters 1-17. The cover page should contain the following centralized information:  Title of the project paper:          Role and Responsibilities of a “Healthcare Risk and Compliance Manager”. Your name: Course code and title:               HSM 725 VAL – Healthcare Risk and Quality Management Professor’s Name:                     Mohammad Bajwa Program Name:                        MBA in Health Services and Risk Management  I HAVE UPLOADED THE MY MID TERM SO YOU CAN CONTINUE  College Name:                          Metropolitan College of New York Date of Submission: