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Healthcare/Medical Statistics

nstructions ·       Answer all questions and include all relevant working. ·       Submit the assignment as a single pdf file, with any relevant output from statistical packages pasted into this file. Marks will be deducted for including unnecessary output. ·       If you include graphs as part of your answer, please ensure that they are clearly labelled and titled. ·       The assignment must not exceed 4000 words (including footnotes but excluding tables, figures, appendices and references). ·       There is no need to include the original question in your response. ·       The figures in brackets indicate the mark allocation for individual questions. ·       The ‘Statistical communication’ mark reflects your clarity of explanation and correct use of scientific language over the project as a whole.   ·       In Questions 1, 2, 3 and 4, you will need to import data from the *.csv files provided.