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Health Care Organization Assessment

Health care organization assessments are conducted by agencies and organizations such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Joint Commission. Before completing the assignment, review The Joint Commission Accreditation Process Overview provided:  Also review the videos provided. Video #1: (Scroll down to “Building Your Safety Culture: A Job for Leaders”) Video #2: Using the Joint Commission resource and the Standards Information for Hospitals, write a 1,000-word paper that includes a description of the Joint Commission’s accreditation process. Include the following in your essay: Describe why it is important for an organization’s performance to be measured by outside agencies/surveyors Describe the purpose of the Joint Commission. Explain the Joint Commission Survey process. Describe the Joint Commission Standards? Provide a minimum of two examples of standards for quality of patient care or national patient safety goals. Describe how the Joint Commission Standards affect the accreditation status. Describe the Intracycle Monitoring (ICM) profile and the Focused Standards Assessment (FSA) process. Summarize how a leader would present the significance of understanding accreditation and assessment information to the team.