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hamlet essay

It is your job to write an essay of at least four pages (1000 words) on Hamlet. Select one of the following topics. 1) What are some of Hamlet’s internal conflicts? Consider Hamlet’s loyalty to his father and also his position as a leader of state. What is the source of Hamlet’s suicidal language? Does he truly wish to end his life? Why or why not? What causes him to feel this way? Please look for deep causes, not obvious answers. 2) What are some of the many ways that the ghost of Hamlet’s father is important in the play? Does the ghost explain something about Hamlet’s character? It is obvious that the ghost gives Hamlet information that begins his spree for revenge. In what other ways is the ghost significant? As Hamlet’s father, does he help to explain aspects of Hamlet’s character? 3) How does Hamlet really feel about Ophelia? Is he really in love with her? What do you base this assessment on? Do his actions contradict his feelings, or are they in line with them? 4) Who is ultimately to blame for the tragedy in the play? Is it all the fault of Polonius or Hamlet? Is his mother to blame? Is there a deeper cause? 5) You may also create a specific interpretive or analytical thesis statement that does not answer one of these questions, so long as you clear it with me in advance of the assignment deadline.