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GREEN BUILDING – Ford Foundation Centre for Social Justice Building

BUILDING: Ford Foundation Centre for Social Justice Building ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS SEPERATLY  Using graphics that are consistent with your overall presentation, describe the characteristics of the climate in the location of the project—temperature highs and lows, humidity, rainfall, sun and fog, etc. Describe the key conditions you believe the design responded to in terms of climate. Describe the project using the architectural drawings available from relevant sources (with appropriate image citations!) Identify the sustainable strategies the project employed in its design and construction. List these strategies in the order of the five main LEED categories (as introduced in the first module – Site and Location, Water, Energy, Materials and Indoor Environmental Quality). Describe these strategies clearly and simply in your own words and diagrams. Illustrate how these strategies are implemented in your own drawings and diagrams. What are the physical, spatial, and experiential consequences of the implementation of the strategy? Research the key strategies of the project, looking beyond the case study for more information. Describe in graphics and a brief narrative how these strategies work in your own drawings and diagrams. Define and summarize the key certifications (LEED Platinum, Living Building Challenge, AIA COTE awards etc.) this project has achieved. Describe the consultants on the project and what areas of expertise were required in order to implement the project design. Summarize the strengths (and weaknesses) of the project in your own words.