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Government Discussion. Essay Writing. 1-2 well written paragraph each.

Discuss Assignment: 1-2 well-written paragraphs each. The essay questions are as follows; 1) Why do so many Texans express a great deal of ambivalence, if not hostility, toward bureaucracies and those who are employed by the government? Do they feel the same about individual public employees they know? 2) Describe the basic structures of the three different city government forms and explain the primary differences among them. Under which form would you prefer to live? Why? 3) Compare and contrast Daniel Elazar’s three political subcultures. Which of these most accurately describes the Texas political culture and why? 4) Describe and explain four of the primary weaknesses or criticisms of the Constitution of 1876. 5) Explain what is meant by a plural executive and describe the structure of Texas’s plural executive. Explain why Texas has such a structure and how it influences the power of the governor. 6) Outline the process by which a bill becomes a law in Texas, including a discussion of the critical stages in the process. Why do so few bills become laws? 7) What is the difference between categorical grants and block grants? Which do the states prefer and why?