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Gosse, Van. The Movements of the New Left, 1950-1975.

ID   You should be able to ID the authors (in some cases these are organizations rather than individuals) of the documents.     Some questions to consider.  This list is meant to be suggestive rather than exhaustive:   You should be able to answer the “Questions for Consideration” on pages 181-182.   Additionally, I’d like for you to think about these questions:   *What exactly is meant by “the New Left”?  What distinguishes the New Left from the Old Left?  And what is the relationship and/or differences between the Old Left, the New Left, the Old Right, and the New Right (that is, the Neocons)?  Some historians have argued that the Old Left (Wilson, FDR, etc.) was generally internationalist and interventionist, while the Old Right (Sen. Taft, etc.) was generally isolationist.  Where do the New Left and New Right (Neocons) fit into this picture?   *What impact did the Vietnam War have on the formation of the New Left and its divergence from the Old Left?  What impact did the New Left have on the way we conducted the Vietnam War?