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Formal Report

This is a Business Formal Report Assignment for my English class. The topic I have to make a report is related to Tourism.  Please read the instruction from the file I attached carefully and make sure that you don’t miss any of them and include all contents required. Here are something I want to pay attention to:  1. You can have as many resources as you want, but at least five resources. 2. I also add a link to Formal Report Research Guide. This link was provided by my professor, so please do your research base on the guide from this link here. 3. You can see in the instruction from the file I attached, the Formal Report is required to follow the textbook guide. Here is the information of the textbook:  MacRae, Paul. Business and Professional Writing: A Basic Guide. 2nd Cdn. ed., Boardview, 2019. If you can, please follow the guide from this textbook.  4. There are 8 topics (almost all about tourism) in this Formal Report Assignment that you can choose one of them to write about. To make it easier for you, I won’t ask you to write about which one. But I do have my reference, which is Topic #2. If you can choose and write about this topic, that’d be great! If you cannot, that’s fine. 5. Please highlight ALL your citations in the report. And I want the product is sent in a Microsoft Word document.