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Instructions: 1. Complete the READINGS: On the Concepts of Yellow Peril, Orientalism, Culture Misunderstood  2. Copy and paste the PCAR template below into the Text Entry box. 3. Discuss and mention the article Is Yellow Black or White Okihiro.pdf plus your choice of any another one below: Stop AAPI Hate Report  Asian Americans Use Social Media to Drown Out Bigotry  Unpacking Pandemic Racism (podcast) (Links: ) 4. Discuss the CONCEPTS: Yellow Peril, Orientalism, Culture Misunderstood. Comments: Strengthen your PCAR by: – including the Okihiro reading (as noted in the instructions) – clarify the definition of the term orientalism as discussed in the Okihiro reading – in your application/analysis section: take the assigned concepts (yellow peril & orientalism) and discuss the importance of these concepts outside of the podcast as well (rather than retelling what you heard throughout the podcast)