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Florida History

What was the single most important contribution by Florida to the Confederacy during The Civil War? Defend your views by citing information from primary academic or government sources. Provide at least one reference, cited and referenced in MLA Style format. Submission: Post your response as your initial response. After you have posted your initial post, read and respond to two or more of your classmates’ posts that have argued for a different single most important contribution by Florida to the Confederacy. In your response either agree or disagree with the student’s argument and explain in detail your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing. Be sure to make substantive and constructive comments (just posting “nice post” doesn’t count). For example, add something from your own experience, something you’ve read or seen. Grading: This discussion is worth 35 points toward your final grade and will be graded using the Discussion Rubric. Please use it as a guide toward successful completion of this discussion.