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Final Letter of Good-bye

Based on this feedback: ” This is getting closer, but say a little bit about how she perhaps sees Othello (the same or differently). You talked about Roderigo, who Desdemona won’t have much to say about. The regret that Desdemona might express has to do with her feeling like she could have done more to get Othello to believe her. Maybe she might feel like she didn’t do enough as a wife to earn his trust. This is more consistent with her character”. I would like your help correcting this letter. This letter was previously written following the following instructions: From the Book OTHELLO by William Shakespeare. (Click the link above to go to Shakespeare’s play “Othello.” ) or use another source to give a quick review For this assignment  :  
    1. Pick ONE of the three main characters: Othello, Desdemona, or   Iago  .  
    2. IMAGINE that you are this character.  This means you are speaking in this first person, “I” as your character.   3. Imagine that, before your death, you have the opportunity to write a final
 letter of good-bye. What would you say? Some things to consider:    a. Why did you behave the way you did? What was the motivation behind your actions?   
    b. What kind of person do you see yourself as?   
    c. How do you see the other two main characters now?   
    d. Do you feel any remorse and/or regret?   
    e. Would you change the way you acted if you could?   
    Organization: Aim for one paragraph per question above. For example, one paragraph for “a.”, one paragraph for “b.” etc. This assignment should be in LETTER format (you may begin it: To Anyone Who Reads This When I am Gone:) and at least TWO PAGES LONG. THIS ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO BE TYPED.    *Since this is a letter, you can use less formal language, but I will be grading heavily on the development of your letter.    ——-