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FINAL IMPROMPTU on orphan train, the book and the movie. It is a comparison/contrast impromptu.  The Background “They were “throwaway” kids, living on the street or in orphanages and foster homes…Between 1854 and 1929an estimated 200,000 children ventured forth on a journey of hope” (We Rode the Orphan Trains by Andrea Warren, back cover). “Christina Baker Kline writes exquisitely about two unlikely friends—one, a ninety-one-year-old survivor of the grinding poverty of rural Ireland, immigrant  to New York, and the hardscrabble Midwest; and the other, a casualty of a string of foster homes—each struggling…(Cathy Marie Buchanan, New York Times bestselling author of The Painted Girls). “I was so moved by this book.  I loved Molly and Vivian—two grave, difficult, true-hearted women who disrupt each other’s lives in beautiful ways… (Marisa de los Santos, New York Times bestselling author of Belonging to Me and Falling Together). The Prompt In a well written essay, compare and contrast Kline’s book, orphan train to the movie, Orphan Train.  One might choose to look at characters, settings, situations, circumstances, themes, or other areas you choose.   Choose the type of comparison/contrast that you are going to use: point by point, block or similarities/differences.  Look over the notes that you took from the lecture as well as the Comparison Contrast chapter in The River Reader.  PREWRITE first.  Your prewrite is to be turned in with your Impromptu. Be sure to support your essay with concrete details and specific examples. Include In-Text quotes for support as well.  Watch for your specific Pattern of Error.  On the Works Cited page, be sure to use the text orphan train as well as the movie for sources.  Before you start, review how to cite a book and a movie in your Keys for Writers.  Review how to cite within your text as well. Use the skills you have learned this semester to develop an outstanding essay and good luck. Remember that careless errors do deduct points from the essay The Guidelines o   The essay must be a minimum of four pages (and no, the Works Cited page is not counted as one of the pages). o   Use the complete writing process to create your essay. o   Use MLA formatting and guidelines for In-Text citations (4).  Include a Works Cited page with the two sources. o   Assure you have a clear introduction, strongly stated thesis, well – supported paragraphs and an interesting conclusion. o   Write unified paragraphs that tie support to your Thesis. o   Write complete and varied sentences; each paragraph should include a strong topic sentence o   Build your paragraphs with specific details, examples, and information from your sources. The movie link: About the movie: