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Final Essay

Some concepts you may want to discuss in your paper could be: race, ethnicity, prejudice, stereotypes, individual vs. institutional discrimination, assimilation, cultural pluralism, police malpractice and brutality, urbanization and ghettoization, unemployment, poverty, the black under-class, and the language of prejudice which permeates society. Please make sure to define the sociological concepts which you use in your analysis. Think about the general plot of the film/show you chose. Discuss the races and ethnicities prevalent in the film. How do they interact with each other? Is there conflict? Why?  What symbols are used in the film/show you chose? How are these symbols significant? Think about how these symbols relate to stereotypes, generalizations, or overt racism. What is the impact of viewing these symbols on screen? What misconceptions are portrayed in the film/show? How do these impact viewers? What “frames” of racism are portrayed in the film/show? How do characters react to these frames of racism? Are there differing opinions in how characters feel racism or oppression should be addressed? How is this impactful or significant? What is the significance of characters uprising, resisting, or otherwise trying to end the oppression against them? Is there violence? Is the violence justified?  What is the significance of characters “making it” out of oppression? What is the significance of seeing this on film?  Overall, how do films and TV shows affect American ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and opinions about race and racism in America? How does the film/TV show you chose do this in particular?