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Final Assignment

CG First Course Work.docx This work does not require you to make reference to other sources than your own authorship and opinions – you may of course refer to other sources but this is not a precondition of the provision of high standard work. There is no penalty for not providing references to published articles although reference to such cases as Enron and World com in the USA, Marconi in the UK and Olympus in Japan as well as other cases referred to in the course Essay number one which should be submitted through Turn it In on Blackboard before 23.59 on 14th April will be an individual piece of work based on a case study – this case study will follow the style of the many others we will have studied and the Essay content will be indicated by the type of commentaries I will have provided to you for each case study. (guidance only) Write your work as a Report 5 Consider the purpose of the Codes and who they are designed to protect 10 Critically consider the problems the codes seek to Overcome 50 Make a critical comparison of strengths and weaknesses of the U.K and U.S.A, codes. 15 Consider problems faced in the implementation of a code by organisations 10 Provide a conclusion, this does not have to state that one approach is better than another but it may. In the conclusion summarise problems and solutions where you think solutions exist, 10 Total 100% This mark scheme is not at all absolute as all the matters of concern in this course work are interwoven, none of them can be considered in isolation.      Course Work Brief Indicative mark % Scheme Marks will be earned for well expressed knowledge and understanding however displayed. You have been asked by an investor group to explain to a recently appointed main board director of “Your Home PLC”, Mr J. Yellin, why he should co- operate in maintaining and improving corporate governance. “Your Home PLC” is the 250th company by size listed on the London Stock Exchange and its shares are widely held by individuals and institutions. Mr Yellin is a highly competent architect with experience in getting planning permission for new projects but has never been a director of a UK based company before. Having met him and introduced yourself he tells you “I do not see why we need to follow this UK code of corporate governance. I understand that you can just forget what it asks for and explain that none of its requirements apply to your company “Comply or explain” they call it I think. I do not know why anyone bothers to comply I have been told that things are a lot more rigorous in the USA and I do not see the point of avoidable regulations as you have here, what’s the point? Furthermore why have a non-executive Chair when you already have a C.E.O.?” You realise that Mr. Yellin the kind of person who likes to argue and as it is important to gain his willing co-operation you decide to give him a thorough explanation of the requirements and purposes of corporate governance in both the U.K. and the U.S.A. You also realise that although he is difficult he is not stupid so in your explanation you will have to point out what could be seen to be weaknesses as well as strengths in each system. Required: Write a report to Mr Yellin critically examining key aspects of the different codes in the U.S.A. and the U.K. and the arguments for and against each of them, respond to his comments relating to non-executive chairmen and women” Corporate Governance Course Work One – To be uploaded by “Turn it In” by 23.59 hours on 14th April 2021. There is no word limit as such but as a guide 1,500 words plus or minus 10% should be enough. This is a suggested range of marks and if you have more to say do say it, but try to keep your work succinct. Study the material in week six the course work brief provides a basis for organising your work but you may of course vary it.