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Please use Information from Jamaica Kincaid “girl” & “In the American Society” by Gish Jen short stories to write the essay.  Essay #2 Question:   Jamaica Kincaid, Gish Jen, and Edwidge Danticat create short stories that explore characters, conversations, plots, settings, and themes about traditional and non-traditional American society. What is the American society that they create?  What kind of social and cultural messages are they sending about America through their stories?    Support your ideas from the text and from the critical theories and sources for each author supplied to you and/or found on your own.  Length: 4-5 pages and you must include a works cited page. Remember to cite from your textbook (primary sources) and secondary sources   Thematic Words: culture, assimilation, dominant, non-dominant, 1st culture, acceptance, rejection, isolation, marginalization, multiculturalism, violation, will, pursuit, realization, denial.