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Family-and-Patient Centered Communication Reflection Activity

After reviewing your textbook readings and (2) research articles titled: Family-Centered Care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit by Meert, Clark, & Eggly (2013); and Insights into Patient and Family-Centered Care Through the Hospital Experiences of Parents by Uhl, Fisher, Docherty, & Brandon (2013) complete the following discussion board activity: Reflect on the Family-Centered Care Core Concepts of: Dignity and respect; information sharing; participation; and collaboration.  These are the core concepts of family-and-patient centered care that we strive to meet.  Now, take a moment to think  about some words used to describe families that reflect negative attitudes.  For example, words describing families you may have encountered as a student could be stated as,      “uncooperative, noncompliant, uninvolved.”   List 7 words on Discussion Board under a header titled: Words that Reflect Negative Attitudes about Families After you have identified some words that are commonly used to describe families.  How would you feel if you heard your family described by these words by the RN?  Create a second header titled: Feelings About Negative Words, and list your personal responses to the words you listed in the first column above. When we hear or see these words used to describe families, we tend to make assumptions.  What assumptions do you make about families when you hear them being described by these words?…. (Some common assumptions might be: this family is too hard to work with; this family is not doing what it is supposed to do; these parents are not good parents.)  Create a third header in your Discussion board post titled: Assumptions, and list your identified assumptions here. To conclude this discussion board activity, list “better language” to describe families in response to the negative word list you first created.  For example, instead of saying a family is “noncompliant”, think instead “they have different priorities”, or instead of saying a family is “demanding”, think of saying “good advocate.”  Keep in mind the Family-Centered Care Core Concepts. * Everyone must in turn reply to at least one other classmates discussion board post.  Thoughtfully and professionally respond to another’s ideas of negative language and feelings, and their ideas for “better language.”