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Failure and Apology – Ethics

1. Read the posted materials on Taking Responsibility – Failure and Apologies and watch the posted videos 2. Read the transcript of the Frontline show – Bigger than Enron 1. After your readings, answer the following questions    a. What are the positive aspects of failure?    b. What makes an apology meaningful?    c. What are the lessons you learned from these readings for when you owe others an apology?    d. What are the human frailties that prevent us from apologizing when we should?    e. Does apologizing make us look weak?    f. Can you apologize and still limit your legal liability?    g. What are Reputation Management Services? (you will need to google this) 2. Read the examples of apologies gone awry. For the first three examples (Wells Fargo, Ryan Lochte, and BP), explain what each party did wrong and how they should have handled their apology. Do the Starbuck’s apology and subsequent actions meet your standards for an apology?