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Fad diet discussion

Write a post about one of the two following topics. For full credit you must create about 300 words of original writing, list at least one quality reference link where needed (bona fide news organizations; .org, .gov, or .edu sources; or scholarly articles). A) Choose one fad diet to review. Please share: 1) why you chose this diet? 2) the stipulations of this diet 3) how the diet differs from the dietary recommendations we’ve been learning about in class and 4) what do you think the health consequences or risks would be of maintaining this diet? Use your textbook or this link if you need help finding a fad diet: B) Choose a nutritional supplement from one of the sources below. Discuss 1) why you chose this supplement 2) is there anything interesting about its history or discovery? 3) what are the purported effects on the body? 4) Who should (and should not) take this? 5) are there any potential negative effects of taking this? 5) What is the scientific evidence for or against its efficacy? National Institutes of Health: Office of Dietary Supplements