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Essay. Choose a topic under (check instructions)

The Toulmin Model is a logical form that establishes a connection between the data and the claim it supports. It reveals assumptions that are required to be shared with an audience. Therefore, you need to assume that your audience is not easily convinced by only your reasons. You must persuade them to agree with you: First, explain the background values that make you believe this. Then, explain how the values that you and your audience share (common ground). Next, connect the reasons you believe with those values. Finally, state and answer objections. Choose a topic under: Environmental Issues; for example, water quality, drought, air quality, endangered species etc. Health-related Concepts; for instance, the increase in different types of diseases, such as cancer or diabetes and ways to prevent them. You may also think of vegetarianism. Cultural debates like video games and violence, social media effect on popular culture. Society topics like pay student -athletes in colleges etc. You do not need to choose one of the examples from above, but you are required to choose from these categories: Environmental issues, Health-related concepts, Cultural debates and Society topics: Please do not choose to talk about abortion or prostitution. Not suitable topics for this type of writing. This structure will help you organize your essay: Claim: I want my audience to believe ______________________ (thesis statement/ Claim of fact, value or policy). Support/sub-claims: My audience should believe this because (list the reasons). Warrant: What values do I hold in believing this claim? Are these similar to the values that my audience hold? How do I create a common ground? Backing:Who is my audience? Do they have the same warrants that I have? What warrants do my audience and I hold in common? What evidence or reasons can I provide to convince my audience in believing that we share common ground? Rebuttal: What are the other positions on this issue? Which ones do I need to discuss in my paper? How can I show that my position is better? Qualifier: Should I state my argument in absolute terms (always, never, the best, the worst) or add some probable terms (sometimes, probably, if, or possibly)? Required to follow MLA Eighth edition format: Double-space- Times Roman pt. 12 5-6 pages (1300-1500 words) 5-6 peer-reviewed sources