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Essay 9

-Read chapters 13-16 in Hinton -ASA Format (American Sociological Association Style) -Writing Prompt/Essay 9: Consider Hinton’s petition for relief and make an argument for which reason is the most compelling. Describe how the book club changes the inmates. Describe how any book has changed your perspectives or worldview. Define plea bargaining and run down why Hinton refuses to accept the deal to get him off death row. -Chapters 13-16 in Hinton including the front page of the book has been uploaded to help aid you when writing the paper. -Each typed essay is one page in length, single-spaced, with 12-point fonts, 1-inch margins and topical headings. -Citations and references are presented in the American Sociological Association (ASA) style. -Compare and contrast your line spacing with the directions in the course syllabus. -Respond completely to the assignment criteria. -When using topical headings in any report, at least two are required. -Make sure overall analyses are not brief, make sure it’s lengthy and very explainable. PLEASE ADHERE TO ALL REQUIREMENTS WHEN WRITING THE PAPER PLEASE & THANK YOU