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Essay 8

-Read chapters 9-14 in Hagan -ASA Format (American Sociological Association Style) -Writing Prompt/Essay 8: Explain the Nuremberg principle and Martin Luther King’s argument in his “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” Define COINTELPRO and create a timeline that shows how the program was used to harass and disrupt legitimate organizations during the Civil Rights Movement.Make an argument for whether or not COINTELPRO-like tactics are currently being used to disrupt legitimate organizations in the Black Lives Matter Movement.Define organized crime including the continuum model of organized crime. -Chapters 9-14 in Hagan including the front page of the book has been uploaded to help aid you when writing the paper. -Each typed essay is one page in length, single-spaced, with 12-point fonts, 1-inch margins and topical headings. -Citations and references are presented in the American Sociological Association (ASA) style. -Compare and contrast your line spacing with the directions in the course syllabus. -Respond completely to the assignment criteria. -When using topical headings in any report, at least two are required. -Make sure overall analyses are not brief, make sure it’s lengthy and very explainable. PLEASE ADHERE TO ALL REQUIREMENTS WHEN WRITING THE PAPER PLEASE & THANK YOU