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Essay 3 Instructions – The Lady or the Tiger

Essay 3 – Instructions  In a literary response, you write about your opinion of the story.  You do so by finding relevant topics or themes in the story and writing your opinion on those aspects of the story.  Elaborate as much as you can.  Remember, it is your opinion, but make sure you back up what you say with quotes from the story.   You will write a full 3 page literary response essay on “The Lady or the Tiger?”  Write about the themes that are found in the story.  You may write about different themes, however, you must back up each theme with quotes from the story.   For example, you can choose to write about the theme of jealousy and what it can lead to.  If you choose this theme, then make sure you select several quotes from the story to back up what you say. You may also write about the following themes: Jealousy   The power of fate Human nature Savagery in humans Who came out of the door? You may also write about your own themes, but again, you must back up each argument with quotes from the story. IMPORTANT:  You may write about more than one theme.  I would advise you to do this, since you will have more to write about.   Make sure to: Use MLA format (Your name, class, professor’s name, and date on the top left corner) Your last name and page number on the upper right hand corner Place an original title in the middle Write it in a Word document Double spaced Size 12 Times New Roman  NO PLAGIARISM  MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE PROMPT  ITS ASKING FOR ANY THEMES YOU HAVE FOUND IN THE STORY ATTACHED TO THIS ESSAY ON EACH THEME YOU FOUND LIST A SOURCE A QUOTE YOU FOUND RELATED TO THE THEME!!!!