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Research Report on A Proposed Amendment  My Amendment – Equal Rights Amendment  Format:  Research Report:  5 – 8 typed pages double spaces of prose; 1 INCH MARGINS; 26 LINES PER PAGE; 12pt font  You all learned how to do a research paper in English class and it is expected that you adhere to that format,  which includes in-text citations from sources used.   Additional Pages: 1 Cover page :  Student’s Name, Date Due; Topic, Picture relevant to your topic 1 PAGE : WORKS CITED :  (Last page of the paper)  Internet Sources are allowed, BUT NO WIKIPEDIA.   Must list the Websites   READ CAREFULLY: The United States constitution is one of the shortest and most vague of all written Constitutions in the world. It is also the oldest written national constitution in the world today, and, without question, is a brilliant document, written by our founding Fathers, who were scholars and experienced statesmen.  How has a short, vague document been able to survive for over 200 years? Most constitutional scholars argue that the U.S. Constitution’s FLEXIBILITY is one of the most important reasons for its endurance.   One of the most important manifestations of the flexibility of the Constitution is the Amendment Process, which is outlined in Article V.  This article outlines the methods of amending, or formally changing the Constitution.  In the most common method of amendment, Congress approves a proposed amendment by 2/3s vote in each house.  A copy of the amendment is sent to the 50 state capitals. If 3/4s of the state legislatures ratify (approve) the proposed amendment, it becomes part of the Constitution.   The 55 men who met in Independence Hall in Philadelphia in 1787 had a deep understanding of human nature.  In the amendment process, the framers purposefully created a system that was inherently difficult. This was to ensure that any change to the constitution had widespread support.   TASK:  You are responsible for creating a 28th amendment to the Constitution.   Guidelines:  Outline your amendment and, in detail, what problem it attempts to address and why this amendment is vital to the national interest. Explain the historical context (Relevant Background Information)of this problem that the proposed amendment would resolve for the benefit of the United States citizenry. Why is this an important issue that necessitates an amendment?  Who would your allies be in Congress that would be in favor of the amendment and why? Who might object and why? How would you garner their support? What key states would support such an amendment and why? Which states might need more convincing in order to get their ratification votes and why? How would you garner their support? What organizations in the U.S. might help you in garnering support for the amendment? Why are these organizations/public interest groups vital to you getting the amendment passed?  What organizations or public interest groups would work against your amendment? Are there ways to win them over? Any other pertinent and relevant information that adds to your argument in favor of this amendment: data; statistics; surveys; opinion polls; reasons why the amendment is vital for the U.S., any positive results or benefits that would occur if the Constitution had this amendment.