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In the only assignment of this module the students need to deliver and justify a business plan for a fledgling sports organisation. This one may be a national or international one of a small or medium scale. Your plan needs to include your proposed marketing strategy and basic financial projections over the next five years, which critically evaluate and cover the key questions your potential sponsors and donors will expect to be answered within your Business Plan. Those key questions may include aspects such the micro- and macro environmental factors, the level of relevance of key stakeholders and how those levels are determined and finally, which kind of entrepreneurial strategy you have chosen to develop the marketing efficiency of your chosen sport organisation. You also need to ensure that you give a relevant justification about the potential turnover over the next five years and on how to ensure a constant cash flow to satisfy the potential sponsors and donors. MUST INCLUDE:  1. Introduce the chosen sport organisation, explain its structure, size, evolution, major competitors and partners etc. 2. Critically analyse and evaluate the micro and macro environmental factors of your chosen organisation that could influence your prosed marketing strategy over the next five years. Please also evaluate the status of the detected stakeholders and how that could influence your entrepreneurial strategy. 3. Evaluate on how potential entrepreneurial strategies chosen for your marketing plan have already been used in the past; critically evaluate positive and negative aspects of those. Give various national and international examples APA6 or APA7 – 30 different minimum references