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Empowering Women Surfers

In your introductory paragraph: (Should only be one paragraph long and no longer than half a page.) 1.Summarize some of the historical events that led more U.S. girls and women to participate in sports, including surfing. 2.Define “sexism” and “objectification.”  In your thesis answer the following question: Discuss two similar challenges faced by today’s professional women surfers (post-1990’s) and their predecessors (pre-1990’s). In your body paragraphs, make sure to 1. Provide quotations from our online articles on women surfers and Chapters 3 and / or 13 of The World in the Curl.  You are also welcome to provide evidence from the information provided in the optional Kanopy videos. 2. Make sure to follow up all quotations with a 4-5 sentence explanation of how they support your topic sentence claim.