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Empirical Study (Applied Econometrics Study notes)

Athey, Susan, and Guido W. Imbens. 2017. “The State of Applied Econometrics: Causality and Policy Evaluation.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 31 (2): 3- 32. This study focus on the empirical approaches that are widely used in institutional analysis and policy evaluation; these include difference-in-differences, instrumental variable, regression discontinuity design, randomization inference, and natural experiment. 1) pertinence, clarity, and reasoning, 2) the depth of analysis, 3) originality/novelty of your own comments/critiques/extension (for review work), and 4) writing and layout. Report layout: Microsoft Word A4; Times New Roman font in size 12; Single space; 2.5*2.5cm margin; in English. No plagiarism. In case you need to cite words from others’ works (including the article you review), use “double quotation marks” on the cited words followed by the author(s)’ surname(s), year of publication, and page number in parentheses; for example, “the original words of other works” (Kung and Ma, 2014, p.15). Of course, you should not cite much.