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Emma Jane Austen

For your final paper assignment, I ask that you write a full 6-page essay with a thesis paragraph and several close readings to support that thesis). Some of you will find the need to write more than six pages. This is welcome. But be sure to meet the minimum page length requirement of 6 pages. You will be graded on your argument and the level and thoroughness of your close readings to support that argument. There is no need to conduct outside research for this essay; in fact, this is discouraged. Be sure to avoid plagiarism and use of the internet! Please write your final paper on any one of the following works assigned in the course. No comparative essays:   -Jane Austen, Emma -Jane Austen, Mansfield Park -Jane Austen, Persuasion Below you will find instructions for formatting, composing, and submission of, final papers: *Paper Content & Structure: In the course Brightspace module, “Writing Materials,” you will find  an “Exemplary A Essay” on Keats’ poetry.  Use this as a paradigm for writing your paper. Be sure to watch and re-watch all of the videos in the Writing Materials module. These demonstrate how to deploy excellent close reading and argument skills in English essays. You should read all handouts on writing in this module such as revising thesis paragraphs and introductory statements, etc. as you prepare for your final paper. It is not necessary to review the grammar handouts, but these are there for your reference if you need them. Your essay must have an introduction/thesis paragraph and a conclusion. You must analyze at least three or four long passages / block quotations from the text to support your thesis. The body paragraphs of your essays should all begin with a topic sentence and quotation introduction, followed by a block quotation, and a long analysis of the text that engages with close reading by re-quoting from the block quotation. Analyze the author’s use of diction, metaphor, tone (ex: irony is a type of tone), punctuation, sentence structure (ex: parataxis vs hypotaxis), and imagery. Note: an essay on Jane Austen will typically need to address the use of free indirect style at some point. As you begin to compose your final papers, please note that I have *Formatting & submission guidelines:  For final papers, please follow the guidelines on the syllabus for formatting essays. Papers should be double spaced and in 12-pt., Times New Roman font, with one inch margins on all sides (aside from the block quotations, which appear single-spaced and in 10-pt font). Pages should be numbered. You should include a paper title and a heading at the top with: your name, the course #, and my name.