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Effects/Outcomes for students when later start times for school

·       An engaging and clear introductory paragraph related to the purpose of the paper. The introduction should grab the reader’s attention, introduce the topic of the paper. ·       A substantive thesis statement that sets up the structure and content of the paper. ·       Four to six topic sentences, one for every paragraph in the paper, that closely align with your thesis in order and content. All topic sentences must be fully developed, complete, and carefully proofread. ·       An outline of evidence—tell me which articles and sources you plan on using in each paragraph. Do the best you can here. I don’t expect your paragraphs to be fully fleshed out, but I’d like to see which sources will likely be used in each paragraph. Bullet points, rough notes, and incomplete sentences are fine here. Do cite your sources in APA style. ·       One fully developed body paragraph. After your topic sentence, show complete development by discussing the research evidence that supports your main point. Cite your sources correctly in APA style, and maintain a formal, objective, and academic tone of voice. Be sure to use your own words and avoid plagiarizing your sources. *USE ONLY REFERENCES in the REFERENCE PAGE provided in the UPLOAD FILE.