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Eeyday Use BY Alice Walker

Last week, you completed an outline for your literary analysis paper.  This week, you should take that outline and use it to help you write your paper.  You will have a few days to construct a completed paper that you will then post to your assigned group for peer review.  This is the same process that we used for the argument and compare/contrast peer review.   You will need to post a completed paper to your group by  midnight on Thursday, 4/15. Your draft should have a title, a Works Cited page, and all necessary components listed in the assignment sheet.  Your classmates must have the opportunity to evaluate and review ALL parts of the paper if you are to receive optimal feedback.  Once your classmates have uploaded their drafts, you should use the peer review sheet to provide feedback for EACH classmate’s paper.  Upload your reviews back to the group by  midnight on Sunday, 4/18.   Remember that if a classmate doesn’t upload his or her paper by the due date on Thursday, you are not required to review that classmate’s paper.  You will still earn full points for peer review.  Also, remember that 50% of the peer review grade is based on turning in your COMPLETE draft by the due date, and the other 50% is based on your review of EACH group member’s paper that was submitted to the group on time.  Literary Analysis Peer Review